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What we do.

Devil Diamond Entertainment is a company with a foot in every aspect of entertainment like TV, movies, music, pro-wrestling, and PC games. Devil Diamond Entertainment is committed to giving people quality entertainment from the mouths of the people who are watching it not from us here in the office and if we do produce something that is not revived well we will take suggestions on how to improve it for the better.

Devil Diamond Entertainment is also involved in foundation work like stopping bullying and keeping kids off the streets and off drugs, Devil Diamond Entertainment is also active within the LGBT community.

Devil Diamond Entertainment is a sole proprietorship owned and operated by John "Raven Storm" Andrade who is looking for help in getting the company fully operational within the state of Massachusetts, while staying local and in the Brockton area with some service in the city of Boston, if you would like to become a partner please visit the contact page.

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Information Needed for Partnership Inquires

  1. Detailed contact info(Phone Number is Optional)
  2. Resume
  3. Knowledge of at least one of the ventures listed in first paragraph
  4. Reason you want to help and what you could bring to company 


Main Purpose

                                                                   What is our Purpose?

Our main purpose is to provide quality entertainment for families and produce programs for computer entertain and gaming. All of which is done here at Devil Diamond Entertainment, Co. is done for the community of Brockton, Massachusetts "The City Of Champions", we are a company that wants to help people live better as of now Devil Diamond Entertainment, Co. is in the start-up phase of development and if you would like to help the company get fully started then go to the contact page and send an E-Mail to the owner, please fill in all required information and I will get back to you when I read it. Microsoft Store Save the Children

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